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Each invitation is made up of blocks that you can freely edit, delete and organize.

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Upload the most beautiful photos that represent the story of your relationship. You can share featured images, create galleries, post videos, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the delivery time? ▼

There are no delivery times, your invitation will be ready when you decide. The quickest way to do this is to use one of our themes and add your content.

How much does it cost? ▼

Your invitation has a single fixed cost that you can see in the pricing section. Nothing is paid in advance. Payment is made once you finish designing your invitation and before sending it to your guests.

Go to Pricing.

Can I edit my invitation? ▼

Of course. You can edit, delete and mix all the themes to your liking. You can make changes at any time or even start from scratch.

Who can see my invitation? ▼

Each invitation has a unique and encrypted URL; to which only the person who sends it and the person who receives it has access. You decide how to share your invitation; a single URL for everyone or one URL for each of your guests.

When does my invitation expire? ▼

Your invitation will be available online for six months from the date you make your payment.

What are the payment options? ▼

All transactions are made immediately and securely through PayPal.

Where can I get more help? ▼

Use our live support chat. We are ready to help you.

Eco-friendly wedding invitations

In a reality where we are increasingly aware of the environmental impact that human actions produce on the planet, and the consequent results for our quality of life, it is important to take action on the decisions that we have under our control. This includes the amount of resources we use in everyday activities; An example is the paper used to create invitations to social events.

The tradition of paper invitations has been inherited from an absolute necessity for centuries; since it was not possible to transmit the information more efficiently. It is undeniable that paper revolutionized the history of humanity. However, times have changed at a speed that surprises everyone. What didn't long ago sound like science fiction, today is a reality.

The technological revolution that we are experiencing made it possible that, not many years ago, we had access to an enormous collection of knowledge and information from the palm of our hand. Much of the information we handle in our lives, day after day, is hosted on our mobile devices. If all the information that allows us to discover, learn, inform, and organize is accessible from these devices, why not make something as important as a wedding invitation accessible from that same place?

The advantages that a digital wedding invitation has over a paper invitation are many, but one of the most important, without a doubt, has to do with the lower environmental impact they produce. Since the raw material for making paper is trees and it is completely related to their felling. The less the need for paper, the less the need to use natural resources that can still belong to our ecosystem. The advantages of keeping our planet in balance not only benefit us; It will also do the same with the new generations.